Former E60 & F154 in 2016, before restoration began.

Firetruck Tours™ combines licensed New York City Sightseeing Guides with retired and current city firefighters to give tours of the five boroughs. The company owns a retired Mack engine that was in service in the FDNY for 27 years. It is currently being restored and modified to comply with all federal safety standards to transport passengers. Follow the progress of the rig restoration here. Before the rig is completely renovated, Firetruck Tours™ is offering walking tours.

This is true living history. On a tour with Firetruck Tours™ participants will not just see the Big Apple whiz by from atop a bus. Tour participants will learn about city landmarks, fire department history, fire safety, and firefighter operations. Along with the fun of riding on a real firetruck, a tour will also provide an engaging experience that brings to life the history of New York and the professionalism of its fire department members.

Until the engine is restored–hopefully in 2018–Firetruck Tours™ is offering public walking tours. The schedule is here for walking tours.

About the Company:

  • Locally owned and operated in New York City;
  • Tour Guides licensed by New York City Department of Consumer Affairs;
  • Chauffeurs (drivers) are all retired and current city firefighters with years of experience;
  • Tourism is a major city industry and we’re proud to be part of it;
  • We donate tickets to non-profit organizations.

Questions? Contact us.