The Rig

Engine 260
Engine 260. Photo courtesy of Michael Martinelli, Used with permission.

Firetruck Tours™ owns a retired piece of New York City fire department history. It was purchased at auction in the fall of 2015 and is currently being restored to meet all city, state, and federal requirements to serve as a sightseeing truck. Our rig is currently being prepared to begin tours in 2018. Follow along on the restoration process.

History of our rig

1988 model Mack Firetruck CF688C 1237. It was assembled at the Mack Trucks, Inc., assembly plant in Macungie, Pennsylvania. The factory placement date was April 22, 1988 and factory shipment date June 1, 1988. The vehicle was shipped to the Mack Trucks Queens Factory Branch in Maspeth. It was delivered to the City of New York Fire Department on April 25, 1989.

Classification: 1988 Mack/Ward 79 1,000 GPM/1,000-gallon tank.

FDNY Number: MF8808


MP8808  to  Engine 260                    April 25, 1989

MP8808  to Fleet Service Spare      March 31, 2000

MP8808 to Engine 202                      September 11, 2001 (Engine 202 destroyed in WTC)

MP8808 to Fleet Service Spare       April, 14, 2002

FM8808 Converted to Foam 154     January 10, 2003

FM8808 Retired                                  2015


FDNYE202-A                           FDNYF154-A